Thursday Update: BABA Buy Signal


The reason for this early Thursday Update is that BABA in in Long_Pending mode. We went Long BABA in the short term service (Blue Line "Prime") yesterday and the stock has moved up enough already to generate a 20% profit on those shorter-term calls. Needless to say the chart looks good and with the market up 175 points this morning, an earlier entry than end-of-day looks safe, BABA is near the buy-stop at $185.10. Consider an early entry into the April $195 calls if BABA looks certain to trigger at the end of the day.

Expanded Service

I've been getting a lot of requests to expand the service above and beyond option trading.  Your wish is my command. With so many stocks running higher, there are good opportunities to hop on board a few special situations, as well as some more conservative stocks/ETF's that are paying safe and generous dividends. Buying these and applying our trend line and trailing profit taking stops provides a lower risk approach to portfolio diversification and management.  More on this expanded coverage (with no increase in subscription fees) in a future update.