Weekend Update: All Quiet On The Trading Front

What kind of trading system is this with no new trades for over a  week? The kind of trading system that out of 7 trading models has 5 winners and 2 losers with an average gain per trade of +95%,  up from +72% last weekend. With the recent introduction of trailing profit-taking things are looking very promising for the road ahead. I have never been more optimistic, nor proud of the work we are doing. Persistence pays off. There are a plethora of other trading services out there that are good at pumping-up the adrenaline, but precious few with these kind of numbers. 

In concert with our modus operandi is the how little it is necessary for me to write something pithy in these thrice a week updates. Nonetheless, here's something for this weekend: Stand pat...It's working. 



It will be very hard not adding Tesla (TSLA) to the Classic Portfolio if it can break above $380. Read the article linked above and then look at the chart below.