Thursday Update: A Head's Up


Earlier today the Premium Service sent out an intra-day Alert that DIA was on the cusp of a short-term sell signal, the first short-term sell signal since mid-January. The signal will be triggered only upon DIA declining below $256 (currently $257.40).  Should that trade be triggered, we will likely start getting additional sells both the Short-Term and on the Intermediate Term. With "wrong-way" bullish sentiment so high, these could be very opportunistic trades. 

Volatility Signals - UVXY/VXX

Below is a copy of this morning's market open Premium Alert regarding volatility trading. 


When it comes to scalping a quick 35% on an options trade there is no better instrument out there than UVXY/VXXB. Below is a summary of all UVXY/VXX trades from both intermediate and short term services:

Premium Short-Term Signals

Standard Intermediate Term Signals 

Thirteen out of fifteen trades made 35% or more, most within a matter of days of entry. Next time we post one of these trades, take it, and the 35%. Of course, leave some on the in case we hit the jackpot (as in about 1/2 of the trades above). Why point this out now? Because both are setting up to trigger Buys again. More later, if and when it happens.