Thursday: Longer Term Trades


When multiple requests come in to provide longer term trades, I pay attention. Starting with this weekend's update we will be providing some longer term picks, almost all of which will be in the biotechnology sector for reasons that will be set out in the update. I've already lined up a couple that I have been buying in my accounts. Last year I recommended a few biotechs and despite the fast crash of December, they are all up nicely, with one of them (ECYT) subject of a buyout in October:

VCYT: $12.16----> $22.00

NVTA: $15.58----> $20.40

ECYT: $18.89---->$24.00

BLFS: $12.30---->$18.03

This will be a regular feature of the service, with new stocks added adopting a quality over quantity approach. For those stocks that have options (which is most of them these days), longer term calls will be recommended, the longer the better.

For today, no new intermediate term trades triggered or pending. Most of the portfolio is in the red, but all of those options are April-May-June expirations, so hang in there.