Standard Daily Update: Going Into Wednesday's Close



New Trades Pending:

AMD Sell Signal on a close below $22.50

Option: April (18th) $23 Put

WFC Sell Signal on a close below $48.50

Option: April (18th) $47.50 Put



Of the 12 trades still active, 8 have reached +35%, 3 have hit the -75% stop and one (BIDU) is still between the two, although close to getting stopped. The one-way market against the larger trend is the worse possible scenario for trading this system, yet we are still seeing more winners than losers using the 35/75 strategy. Once the short-term trend gets back in sync with the longer-term trend, we should see win after win after win. If the longer-term trend reverses back up first, we will immediately start seeing win after win after win, only on the upside. One of those two "long trend to short trend" outcomes is imminent.