Special Situation Portfolio Additions/Deletions

Special Situation Portfolio 

Additions: Bonds are getting crushed, meaning interest rates are rising. This spells opportunity for our Special Situation Portfolio and provides diversification from so much exposure to a (temporarily) dysfunctional stock market. Accordingly we are adding TLT puts pursuant to a fresh TLT Sell Signal today. Buy the TLT May $120 Put (or the TBT May $36 Call).

Deletions:  Bitcoin is also getting crushed (yet is still up an incredible 485% over the past 12 months). Since the Special Situations Portfolio is currently SHORT both GBTC and MGI, sitting in cash awaiting new Buy Signals, they both will be deleted from the portfolio, to be revisited upon any new Buy Signals. 


Still Short (albeit Dysfunctional)  

Updated Trading Tables for Thursday

*Note: Our automated option data service, Yahoo Finance, has been inconsistent with updating its real time option prices. Some quotes may be off a bit. We are working on a solution.