Special Alert: MGT Capital (MGTI)

We have been looking for additional exposure to bitcoin, positions that can be taken in brokerage accounts as opposed to going out and having to open an account on a bitcoin exchange. We already have GBTC and are awaiting a buy signal in OSTK. Here is one more, already on a Buy Signal.

We are adding MGT Capital to the Special Situations portfolio immediately. It is trading at $4.20 the morning, up from $1.75 just after Thanksgiving. The pop in its step is it is heavily invested in bitcoin and the cryptocurrency sector. Its founder is John McAfee, the famous entrepreneur who created McAfee Associates in 1987 (computer virus detection software pioneer).  See the recent CNBC interview with McAfee below for his take on bitcoin's future.

This is a HIGHLY speculative Pink Sheet stock, but it's I the right spot at the right time