Special Alert: GBTC Down On Citron Research Hit Job

Our Special Situation ETF for Bitcoin, GBTC, is taking it on the chin today after being raked over the coals by Andrew Left of Citron Research:
His position is that GBTC sells at a huge premium to the underlying value of its   Bitcoin holdings and therefore it is subject to that premium coming crashing down closer to the NAV of its holdings. This is not news, in fact I wrote about it in yesterday's Thursday/Weekend Update. After closing yesterday at $1,005, GBTC traded as low as $760 this morning after this "news" broke. As I write this mid-morning GBTC is trading back up above $900. 
I can give you a dozen reasons why a rich premium over asset value is warranted for GBTC, but that kind is analysis is eschewed around here. This is all we need to know: The GBTC uptrend is in tact above $739.85, a level even today's flash crash couldn't touch. We entered this trade at $396 and are sitting on a 120% profit (in six weeks) and even if stopped out, our gain would be 80%.
THAT is all we need to know.