Special Alert: Combined Premium and Standard Update Mid-Session Tuesday


All US equites markets will be closed tomorrow, December 5, in honor of former President George H.W. Bush. This is happening in the face of a total retracement of Monday's "Trade War Postponement" rally. This retracement is setting off multiple Short-term and Intermediate Term Sell Signals. I'm posting them to both services at the same time in order to get these trades out as soon as possible. Note that some signals are accompanied by a price levels that must be broken to the downside before the close to activate the trade. 

[Edit: The market is falling fast and hard, as it should in a Wave 3 of 3 down.] 

Sell Signals - (Likely - Going Into Tuesday's Close)

BIDU (below $189):  Buy the Jan $180 Put

EBAY (below $29.50): Buy the Jan $30 Put

IBM (below $123.75): Buy the Jan $120 Put

IWM  Repeat Sell from Nov 12: (Jan $150p)

MU (below $37.80): Buy the Jan $37 Put

NFLX Repeat Sell from Nov 12th: (Jan $280P) 

QQQ: Repeat Sell from Nov 12th (Jan $165 Put) 

SPY Repeat Sell from Nov12th (Jan $270 Put)

SQ (below $68): Buy the Jan $65 Put

VXX (above $37) Buy the Dec 21st $37 Call