Monday's Standard Service Update


The Weekend Update was entitled, "Here We Go." Today's price action should only the beginning. There are a couple warnings and one recommendation that I want to make: 

(1) There will be sharp, but short, rallies along the way. These should be seen as opportunities to initiate new or add to existing positions, The run up from October 29th to last Wednesday's now fading 500 point rally was the first of many of these rallies. As we saw, as soon as that rally was exhausted the system triggered new Sell Signals across a wide range of stocks, indexes and ETF's. 

(2) Also along the way there will be a destabilizing market crash. It can come out of anywhere, at anytime. We WILL be short when that occurs. It will just be a matter of how short we will be. That's my job (see video below). 

(3) The new Premium Service not only trades off of short-term price bars, but it provides intra-day commentary (as needed), especially during fast market conditions. Case in point: Friday around mid-session we sent out an Alert that over 16 Sell Signals would likely be triggered on the close. If any Premium subscribers acted on that Alert and entered short positions before the close, they profited more in puts from those early entries (and calls in VXX) than the Premium service would cost them for an entire year ($99/mo or $999/annual). In other words, the Premium service is more than just a variety of shorter-term trades.

Email us below and we will upgrade and make the applicable pro-rata adjustments whether you upgrade monthly or annually (the advantage of the latter is you lock in the current prices....they won't be this low forever: