Monday Update: Key Levels and New Trades


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Last week's market highs were on Monday at Dow 26156 and SPX 2816. The high last Monday for QQQ (Nasdaq 100) was 175.80 Those are key levels for the rest of March because if exceeded we could see a climatic run higher.

On the other hand, if Friday's lows are broken, look out below: Dow 25252, SPX 2722 and QQQ 169.34. Check out this new video on the Blue Line YouTube Channel for a QQQ speculative, but high-reward (non-system) trade if 169.34 is broken: Trade Of The Week. 


New Confirmed Trading Signals for Monday

(All expirations: May 17, 2019)


SQ: May $75 Call

EBAY: May $36 Call

C: May  $62.50 Call


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