Monday Update: New Intermediate Term Trade & Additional Trades Pending


Market Update: B O R I N G - At least we have a new signal and a few pending for tomorrow (also, new video attached below new trades).


Sell Signal Confirmed: USO (trading just under $11.00) 

Option: Apr (18th) $11.00 Put @ about $0.65.  This will be an easy 35% if the put rises to just $0.90, which is likely on just a 50c decline in USO. 

Updated Trades Pending (Replaces all pending trades from last week.)

Sell Signal:  AAPL - on decline below $167.50*

Option: Apr (18th) $170 Put

Sell Signal (Repeat) X - on decline below $21.75*

Option: Apr (18th) $22 Put (This is for anyone who exited original trade at +35%)

Sell Signal: IWM - on decline below $147.50*

Option: Apr (18th) $147 Put 

*The purpose of price level triggers is to ensure that stock price is continuing to move in the direction the signal. Many of the trades that do not work out fail to follow-through right out of the gate. This added filter reduces false positives at a minimally less advantageous cost of entry. 


New YouTube Video: Partial Recap of Weekend Update