Monday Update: AMAT


New Buy Signal: AMAT

Option: May $40 Call (around 2.35)

The YTD rally has caught many Intermediate Term trends still locked in Short, but slowly we are seeing some of these trends turn up, followed by a small dip before resuming the new uptrend. AMAT is a prime example of this, as was MGM last week. If the rally continues on its current trajectory, there will be more coming. 

The shorter-term oriented Premium Service is more sensitive to changes in trend and has been triggering Buy Signals for most of February, I'm including an updated Premium Service trading table below. If you are able to trade more often, this service may be a better fit for your needs. As you can see, it is knocking off 35% gains (and more) in a steady fashion. If you would like to try the Premium service, simply send us an email: