Monday Afternoon Update


On this past weekend's update I highlighted two contingencies affecting the market this week:

(1) The entire week should be a roller coaster of news, rumors, leaks, posturing, and not the least, market volatility as result of G-20 issues.


(2) In this downtrending market there has not been enough counter-trend up price bars to set up new Sell Signals, so be patient and know that moves against our short portfolio will eventually set up fresh sell signals.

This week also illustrates the importance of taking profits along the way, no matter at what level you have chosen to take initial gains. This results in banking gains before they disappear and having those gains in cash to use for future signals. I keep hearing from subscribers who have done that wanting to know when to re-enter, it's a common enough question to answer it for all:

Wait until new (repeat) signals, so long as you still have some left-over puts in case the market starts a new leg down before any new signals can be generated. 

Finally, these daily updated can get posted on the website at anytime during the day, but they only go out via email at 3:00 pm (MT). Always check the website after you get a Notification, the update should already be posted (or within a few minutes).