Interim Alert: Going Into Friday's Close


Throughout the entire month of October we have been putting out short ideas so I trust most subscribers were prepared this decline in the market, and for any further decline in the days or weeks ahead. As the market has followed suit, those option strike prices have become deep in the money, i.e., too expensive, to be the best way to capitalize on continuation of the current downtrend. Here is an updated list with nearer strike prices and alternative expirations for Shorting-The-Market ideas going into next week:

IWM: Nov $147 put of Dec $145 put
EEM: Nov $40 put or Dec $38 put
QQQ: Nov $167 Put or Dec $165 put
VXX: Nov $42 calls 
Due to the heightened volatility and pronounced change in character of the market, I've decided  to offer a more aggressive shorter-term service similar to the former Blue Line Prime, service. Details in tomorrow's update.