Tuesday Update: HIMX Added To Special Situation Portfolio.

Sometimes we just stumble into the right stock at the right time in the right trend in and an absolutely perfect timeframe. Himax Technologies (HIMX) manufactures key components for a cutting edge technology called Augmented Reality. This link explains what is and does, and below is a list of its applications: Himax Technologies 



The Right Trend in the Absolute Perfect Timeframe


Above is the HIMX 240 minute price chart. We know it is the perfect timeframe by the Blue Line trendline and how over time price came down to touch the line to provide support and additional buying opportunities. When a time frame and trendline work this well together you have about as a reliable trend line as possible. 

HIMX (240 minute chart) is hereby placed in our Special Situation portfolio, replacing GLD which was stopped out Monday with a 160% gain. 


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