Friday Interim Alert: Key Trigger Levels


As market weakness builds toward today's close, a reminder that we have three index repeat Sells Pending. Even with the Dow down 250 points these levels are still below current prices so if they are hit later today, it is a strong sign that the entire counter-trend rally up from the December 24th market lows is over (see SPY chart below). 

SPY repeat Sell on a close below $265: March $265p
QQQ repeat Sell on a close below $165: Mar $165p
IWM repeat Sell on a close below $147.50: Mar $145p
Note: all three of the above options are the same recommended on the initial January 18th Sell Signals. March has 35 days until expiration. 
We also are close to individual stock signals that could be triggered on Monday. I'll post price levels and options in tomorrow's Weekend Update: 
AAPL (Sell)
GS (Sell) 
MSFT (Sell) 
X (Sell) 
VXX (Buy)