Daily Update: Quick Strategy Review


The Long TWTR Jun $37 call is one of our three trades from last week. It is creeping close to the minimum 35% profit-taking exit, so let's keep an eye on it in the days ahead.  Based upon an entry at 2.35, the call is currently at 2.75, +30%. It will take a rise above 3.17 to cross the +35% threshold. Two of the last three trades (MSFT and TWLO) have exceeded +35% by a wide margin, which supports the strategy of keeping some on the table for further gains. Where to take those "further gains" is pretty much a crap shoot (harsh, but true). Note on the video below how we use the same trade management philosophy on even the shortest of time frames in the new PRO service. 


The last three trades in the intermediate term (Standard Service) portfolio:

Below is a YouTube video highlighting the new hourly-based service, Blue Line PRO.