Daily Update: Tuesday


Today's update will be short and to the point. First, today's market action was surprisingly non-eventful. Second, the system put on three trades that were triggered last Friday and set out in Weekend Update:

Trading Signals - Tuesday 
Intermediate Term BuyMGM
Option: April $28.00 Call
Intermediate Term BuySLV
Option: April $14.00 Call
Intermediate Term Sell - CBOE
Option - June $95.00 Put
Third, the FCX calls bought pursuant to the January 30th Buy Signal at about $0.78 hit a new high today, $2.30, up 193%. Even if the entire 35% was taken off early, it's a very good trade (35% in 2 weeks). But if a little was left on the table for further gains, it is an excellent trade and there is still a month left in the calls to further appreciate.