Daily Update: Sell Signals Pending


Cross currents of news and earnings will have short-term effects on the market over the course of the next few weeks. The downtrend from last fall is still in tact as the dominant trend. It will eventually re-assert itself; it's just a matter of time. 

Below is an updated list of stocks that are in Sell Signal pending mode. Make sure to check the website in the final two hours of the session for confirmations (or sign-up for real time notifications when new posts go up). There are other stocks on the cusp of Sells, and if these are hit it would be a strong indication that a new leg down has begun.  I've mixed up the option recommendation expirations between February (32 days) and March (60 days) as our ideal timeline is at 40-45 days, currently in the middle of the two. 

Finally, there are 18 January expiration options that are going off the board this Friday. Next Monday is a market holiday (MLK Day) so be sure to make any portfolio changes before Friday's close. My recommendation is to stay aggressively short, there is a big payoff coming and it's getting closer every day. 

Sell Signals Pending As of Mid-Day Monday

BIDU (Under $162) - Feb $160 Put

IWM (Under $141) - Mar $140 Put

MSFT (Under $101) - Mar $100 Put

MU (Under $34) - Mar $32 Put

QQQ (Under $157) - Feb $158 Put

SQ (Under $63) - Mar $60 Put