Daily Update: FCX & 35/75


No new trades.

FCX was up again today, providing another opportunity to exit the Mar $11 calls at a +35% gain (calls reached as high as +51%). A weekend of reviewing addtional historical returns based upon the 35/75 exit strategy further affirms its potency as a viable and proftable trading strategy. Taking just 35% gains is not why a lot of traders engage in option trading, but it also might explain why a lot of option traders end up losing money.

Assuming that many subscribers to both the Standard and Premium services will likely be taking quick profits going forward, the door is open to add some new stocks to the list of stocks/ETF'S we trade. This year is beginning to look full of opportunity for option trading whether the market falls off of the ledge or not. For anyone on the fence about this new strategy, give it a month, either with real money  or observation, and it should prove itself well worth adoption.