Thursday Update: New Trades Pending



The next moderately down day will generate a cluster of new Sell Signals. Below is the list of new signals that will be triggered upon price moving below the indicated level. In fast moving market conditions go ahead and get in intraday as those levels are hit. Otherwise, wait until the last hour where it appears certain the trade will be triggered, or wait for the Close and put on the trade the next morning. 

Stocks, Trigger Levels, & Options

ADBE: Sell Signal below $227 (Feb $235p)

BIDU: Sell Signal below $162 (Feb $160p) 

FXI: Sell Signal below $39.50 (Mar $40p) 

QQQ: Sell Signal below $155 (Feb $155p)

UVXY: Buy Signal above $75 (Feb $75c or Feb $80c)