Quarterly Performance update


*There are three independent market indexes in the mix, SPY, QQQ and IWM. This is on purpose as each model represents separate, albeit similar trading patterns. Current signals represent a perfect example. While SPY is short, QQQ and IWM are long, both with stellar triple digit gains.

**Another characteristic shared across the entire testing period is the clustering of trades around 2-3 day periods. This is especially true of mid-February (not shown) where a slew of Buy Signals went on to generate some of the best returns during the entire test period. Not surprisingly, Feb 8 through March 13 coincided with one of the steepest rallies in the market this year.

***Because the trades above are based upon signals generated before we started trading the system they have to be considered, rightly so, as hypothetical. Regardless of the care and diligence that has gone into backtesting the signals, please read and understand the following standard disclaimer regarding hypothetical performance numbers:

These performance numbers are based upon historical backtesting and as such must be considered hypothetical. Although every effort has been made to preserve the integrity of the methodology, hypothetical results have certain intrinsic limitations, including but not limited to the fact that these results are not reflective of an actual real time trading log, they are also subject to assumptions inherent in option results as implied from hypothetical trading, No representation can be made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses corresponding to the historical backtesting.